Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The stars at night, are big and bright.....

Honey and I are both born and raised on Long Island, NY. Naturally we were raised ethnocentric and believed that this was THE place to live, forever. With both of us being exposed to other cities, we always knew that there was something better out there for us, and our children. It's a hard decision to make when your roots are planted, and you have both sets of parents nearby, and even grandparents. The factor that pushed our decicion to move to Houston was Honey's career. He had a great paying job as a charter pilot, but we only saw him about one week a month. He had to have his phone on 24/7, and he missed countless birthdays, holidays, parties, things that he could have been here for if he had any kind of schedule. He made the move to airline pilot last year, and life has been much different for us. We know when he's going to be home, he's not anxious waiting for a call when he is home, and there are rules that are applied to make sure he has adequate rest between flights, something that always concerned me with charter.
We visited friends in Houston last year, and fell in love with it. As soon as our house here sells, we're leaving for TX. I am SO excited to get there. I love the culture, the clean air, the people are SO nice. It's taking longer than we thought to get there, but in reality it should only be delayed by 6-9 months.
One of the funny things about our venture is that nothing ever comes easy for us. We're used to it by now. If Mike is going to catch the flu or Norovirus, it's going to be mid-flight to Austria. If I am going to have a miscarriage, it's going to be on our second day touring Rome. If we want to sell our house, it's going to be in the worst housing market EVER! If Mike wants a long career with this airline, you can bet that oil prices will skyrocket and leave him at risk for furlough. That's the kind of chaos we have here, but we are pretty calm and have learned that this is US, and we just let things roll. But, whatever! Our children are healthy and happy, and we have unlimited support from (most of) our family members.


Regi S. said...

Bumps in the road, just bumps in the road, you guys do great together :)

*~~*Inger*~~* said...

Welcome to the blogosphere babe!!! :-) I'm telling you, you'll be T or T'ing in TX this year. :-)