Saturday, August 23, 2008

Here I go~

I've always said I never understood the point of a blog, but I'm guessing it's something I will understand as time goes on. I surely hope so, because typing out your thoughts is time consuming, and Lord knows I am very short on time these days. More about that later.
A little bit about the main characters I'll be posting about.
Yours truly;) I'm Amanda, daughter of 2 really cool parents who divorced when I was a teenager. I have one brother, a few years younger than I. I was bit by the travel bug at a young age, and spent a few years taking flying lessons, renting a plane with a good friend and cutting school to fly anywhere but NY, and eventually becoming a flight attendant. After 2 years of waitress-in-the-sky, I was laid off, and met
"Honey." He's known as Honey in my Blackberry address book, it's what I call him, and it's a great description. Honey is naturally occuring, great in desserts and soap, and soothes you when you're sick. That's my husband, and he's the best thing that ever happened to me. Of course, until these small people came along:
"Al." He's my first-born, he's 6 now. It took us 2 years and a loss to conceive him, and he's been a joy from his first little cry. He was the type of baby that makes parents immediately feel confident enough to add a sibling, because he made parenting so easy on us. How hard can this parenting thing be? Enter............
"Gem" From the womb, we knew this little firecracker was going to shake things up a bit. First of all, she toyed with us by clamping those little legs closed so we couldn't tell her gender. Then she started making attempts to come early, and early she did. By 2-3 weeks. I think people in the next town heard her screech into the world, and she's still making a statement. While recovering from the shock of Gem, somehow.......
"Simpson" made her way into the world. She's a typical 3rd kid, she has anti-collision avoidance which allows her to naviagate into any situation the older kids are in, and she's been speaking since she turned one. "You are lucky you're adorable!!!" is something we tell her every day:)
We live on Long Island, NY. Not for long, however. We are selling our house and moving to Houston, TX.

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Regi S. said...

Love the "Honey" :) Welcome to the blogosphere !